I genuinely believe that my calling is to be here right now, writing this to you today... To be sharing my gifts and knowledge of holistic nutrition and medicine and support you in your hormone and fertility health journey.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my days.

I believe that the current system we live in is simply not designed to support women’s health. For example, did you know that the average general diet and lifestyle study never actually accounts for females’ cycles when making recommendations for diet and exercise?

It’s time to dismantle the narrative that we’ve been brought up believing what a healthy woman is…

It’s time to unleash

Every single one of my programs is created to help you unleash your inner Well Woman.

A Well Woman is someone who is confident of their path and in control of their future because they are holistically nourished, hormonally balanced, internally grounded

What does it mean to be a Well Woman?

The Holy Trio

To be a Well Woman is to have all 3 elements in balance. This is truly a sacred trio to support you in the holy journey of embracing your femininity and maybe even your motherhood and fertility. Not only does this improve your own health, but this work allows you to help create a forest of healthy humans around you. It’s like planting a seed that one day will flourish into a gorgeous forest of aligned, healthy humans.

Here’s How We Can


Private 1:1 Coaching provides deep transformation for women seeking to balance their hormones, heal their gut and improve their fertility through a fully customized + holistic approach. I’ll be your partner on your wellness path, guiding you through a custom nutrition and lifestyle program that both heals the body and also allows you to drop into your true, feminine flow. Creating sustainable and effective changes is at the heart of our work together. This sacred coaching container provides the space for you to be guided, witnessed, celebrated, and held during this transformative process.

At the beginning of our 1:1 journey, we’ll kick things off with a deep dive into your holistic health history so that I can create a custom roadmap for you for moving forward. No one-size-fits-all approach here! Just your approach.



The Well Woman Collective is an industry-leading group mentorship program supporting women in upgrading their wellbeing through holistic health and wellness. This comprehensive coaching container provides the knowledge, tools, framework, and support that women need to live holistically healthy, hormone happy, gut supportive and confident lives.

In the Collective, you’ll receive information, tools, and methods to improve your relationship with food, have regular (pain-free, PMS-free) happy periods, increase your energy, decrease bloating, and overall reduce or eradicate digestive symptoms and skin issues.



The ultimate self-paced online course for women looking to optimize their fertility. In this course, I lead you through my Signature Fertility Framework using a systemized method that supports women in all ages and phases of their fertility journey. Whether you’re struggling with PCOS, wanting to ease the anxiety associated with TTC or need some empowerment to boost your fertility and take control of your future, this course is for you!



"In just 4 months my life has changed for the better because of Stefanie and I’m so glad our paths crossed!"

"I started working with Stefanie after a friend recommended I consult with her due to fertility issues. Before starting nutrition coaching I went through a whole year of IVF. We did get embryos but unfortunately, they tested genetically abnormal. When I started her program I actually decided to take a break from IVF as the reason to was to try and eat more healthy, live a more healthy lifestyle, improve egg quality and maybe lose some weight.

My diet was not the best before I started with Stefanie. I immediately changed to a gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar, and primarily organic diet under her guidance. As a 1:1 client, I was able to contact heron Voxer messaging and she would always answer me back almost immediately. I give so much credit to Stefanie because in the beginning I really didn’t think I could stick to a diet but I did it bc of her encouragement, positivity, constant support, and guidance. To literally have contact every day was such a huge help.

By improving my diet, my AMH levels went from 0.58 in October to 1.35 in January! I started IVF back again in January and my follicle count was 8! I really feel this was definitely due to the diet and lifestyle changes. I had a retrieval in February, and we retrieved 2great embryos (a grade A!) which are now frozen, and as I type this I will be doing another retrieval shortly before prepping for a transfer. My dream is to be a mom and it is becoming closer to reality these days!!

I was 145 lbs in October and I’m proud to say I’m down to 126lbs as of today. I will also say my husband has been following the same diet as me and has lost about 26 lbs. We both feel really good where we are and things can only get better from here. I also had some digestion issues (loose stools almost all the time + belching a lot) and we figured out it definitely was because of what I was eating. My digestion issues are gone now. I also had some hormonal acne and now my skin is very soft and pimple-free.

Stefanie also incorporated positive affirmations and manifestations into our plan which I do every day. I feel like it really helps and I have changed my language and mindset so much due to this. I am absolutely in a better place now, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

I would highly recommend Stefanie if you suffer with infertility, gut health problems, period issues, hormone issues, etc as she specializes in all of this and is an expert at what she does. She will be there for you every step of the way. In just 4 months my life has changed for the better because of Stefanie and I’m so glad our paths crossed! She is the most caring, compassionate, and sweetest person, she has such amazing positive vibes about her, I can’t say enough good things!! If you are having any of the above issues talk with Stefanie she is the best!! Best of luck on your journey whatever it may be <3."

You deserve to feel fully embodied in your feminine flow. You deserve to feel good, so you can shine like the full authentic light beam that you are.

Send a message at the link below and let's talk about which of my programs is best for you.



“Stefanie's energy is bright enough to light an entire stadium. She came to each of our calls ready to take on the world and carve out the path needed for me to find and understand my true self. She identified my areas for growth in an empathetic way and pushed me forward with kindness when i needed it most. She encouraged me to give things a try even if it wasn't exactly what I imagined and celebrated my wins when i was unable to see them clearly.”


“Throughout my entire life i have been on medication and the most liberating shift I was able to make through my work with Stefanie was slowly knocking away each selective mediation (especially birth control) until I was taking only the recommended supplements and vitamins - it still brings tears to my eyes being able to say that i'm not currently on anything prescription. Stefanie also empowered me to see my food choices and meal prep as self-care and an awesome time to focus inward - this is something I will never forget and a top priority to continue implementing in daily life.


“Before working with Stefanie I saw medication as my simple solve to life's problems and after my time spent with Stefanie i now realize its the food im putting into my body that's the true medicine. There is not a day that I do not remember something we discussed or that she taught me - Stefanie seamlessly and necessarily inserted herself in all aspects of my life (even if she did not realize it). I'm mindful of my products, food, and overall daily choices. My work with Stefanie radically shifted my life for the better and I am forever grateful.



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