Here’s what my clients have to say about their experience working with me…

"Before working with Stefanie I was feeling frustrated and a bit frazzled in my fertility and wellness journey. I knew I needed to change my health habits and wasn't quite sure where to start. ....Stefanie supported me by recommending healthier options (foodwise, healthwise, mentality) and making holistic recommendations to help me focus on my priorities. .... After 3 months I got pregnant and I feel grateful for our time together. I also feel more confident and a better aware of myself before bringing a baby into the world. The changes I made were simple yet impactful and I am grateful for her guidance on getting here!”

“I first came to Stefanie after watching several friends struggle with fertility and health-related issues. I was anxious about the idea of starting a family in over a year, and nervous about what my future fertility journey would look like. Stefanie gave me the courage and guidance to start making the dietary changes needed to heal my damaged gut, to get off of birth control, and to learn how to take my physical and mental health into my own hands....through a program that fits my lifestyle, and has shifted my mindset about fertility from fear and uncertainty to empowerment and optimism.”

“She taught me to understand food as medicine and a gift we as women can give to ourselves to nurture the ebbs and *flows* of our bodies. Stefanie's knowledge spans across nutrition of the body as well as the mind. As someone struggling from a break up with birth control, Stefanie's thoughtful guidance and tangible practices have changed my connection to my body for the better.”

"Stefanie is a great teacher and truly looks out for her clients. I feel equipped and so much more to work on my everyday health. I have specifically noticed a significant difference in my period symptoms and know Stefanie is just a message away if I need anything."

After years of working with clients who were prioritizing their fertility (whether they were looking to conceive in the near term or not), many of whom were scared of infertility...

I’ve put my best strategies, tools, and guidelines into my coaching programs and courses so that you can take control of your future fertility & wellness journey.




“Stefanie provided for me a great emotional support.”

“I came to Stefanie after years of unsuccessful attempts at conceiving naturally. I had all the odds stacked against me and was advised to pursue various medical procedures by multiple medical professionals. As a holistic guru myself, I knew there had to be another way that aligned with my soul. Stefanie supported me with nutrition guidelines that prepped my body for conception but she also provided the greatest gift of emotional support to prep my mind for motherhood. After about two months of working with Stefanie, I became pregnant! I feel blessed that Stefanie came into my life and would recommend her for anyone looking to realign their hormones to guide them on their fertility journey.”


“Working with Stefanie was a dream come true.”

“Prior to us meeting I felt extremely stuck in my health and wellness journey. I felt lost in knowing what I needed to do to help my body feel more energized and healthy. In the four months of us working together I developed confidence in the kitchen, cooking recipes and even intuitively cooking on the fly! Stefanie helped me learn more about the superfoods that are helpful for my body to incorporate into my diet and how to sync my diet up with my cycle. I am so grateful for the tools and confidence Stefanie has helped me cultivate and have changed me forever! If you're feeling lost in your journey towards health and food, Stefanie is the ultimate partner to help steer you back on track.”


"Stefanie has taught me how to have a deeper connection to my body and my womanhood. "

“I am so beyond grateful for her expertise and presence, she has taught me how to have a deeper connection to my body and my womanhood. I can truthfully say that my mindset around nourishment, menstruation cycles and the food system has shifted in such a profound way that it has transformed my relationship with food and shopping forever. I now move through life more mindfully with the goal of being as supportive to my body as possible. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about your body and its potential in a loving, supportive community, this is the program for you.”


"Before I met Stefanie I knew my body and mind were struggling to keep up in all aspects of my life, especially being a mother to an active toddler. I was lost in the world of trendy “health food” and misinformed diet culture.

I was introduced to Stefanie by a friend who had this undeniable glow about her. She told me she started working with a holistic nutritionist to prepare for conceiving her first baby. At that time I was super hesitant about trying for baby number 2. I immediately knew my lack of nutrition was the missing puzzle piece. I could feel my body was not yet ready to support another pregnancy while breastfeeding and keeping up with my toddler. I needed more from my body and I needed help."


"Within my first call with Stefanie, she was able to pinpoint hormonal imbalances. We worked collaboratively to develop obtainable goals for our work together. Throughout our journey together she helped me identify areas in my environment that were no longer serving my family and me. She also assisted me in addressing mental blocks to my overall health goals. Stefanie helped me learn how to celebrate and embrace my cycles rather than work against them. She also taught me how to nourish my body through food so I could thrive!"


"From my work with Stefanie, I feel that I now have that undeniable glow! I am confident in the food choices I make for myself and my family. I no longer struggle with acne and gut issues. My periods are not as painful and so much more manageable. I truly feel like I am flourishing in life now. I have the energy to keep up with my toddler. I am confident my body is ready to carry another baby. I have a deep appreciation for all the stages and cycles our bodies go through as women. Overall, I now know how to celebrate, nourish, and love my body through nutrition. I would recommend working with Stefanie to anyone that wants to be held accountable for learning how to honor their body through all stages of life. I am confident in saying Stefanie will create an individualized plan to help you find your glow so you can celebrate life through food too!"

Client Success Stories & Results!

"I started working with Stefanie after a friend recommended I consult with her due to fertility issues. Before starting nutrition coaching I went through a whole year of IVF. We did get embryos but unfortunately, they tested genetically abnormal. When I started her program I actually decided to take a break from IVF as the reason to was to try and eat more healthy, live a more healthy lifestyle, improve egg quality and maybe lose some weight.

My diet was not the best before I started with Stefanie. I immediately changed to a gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar, and primarily organic diet under her guidance. As a 1:1 client, I was able to contact heron Voxer messaging and she would always answer me back almost immediately. I give so much credit to Stefanie because in the beginning I really didn’t think I could stick to a diet but I did it bc of her encouragement, positivity, constant support, and guidance. To literally have contact every day was such a huge help.

By improving my diet, my AMH levels went from 0.58 in October to 1.35 in January! I started IVF back again in January and my follicle count was 8! I really feel this was definitely due to the diet and lifestyle changes. I had a retrieval in February, and we retrieved 2great embryos (a grade A!) which are now frozen, and as I type this I will be doing another retrieval shortly before prepping for a transfer. My dream is to be a mom and it is becoming closer to reality these days!!

I was 145 lbs in October and I’m proud to say I’m down to 126lbs as of today. I will also say my husband has been following the same diet as me and has lost about 26 lbs. We both feel really good where we are and things can only get better from here. I also had some digestion issues (loose stools almost all the time + belching a lot) and we figured out it definitely was because of what I was eating. My digestion issues are gone now. I also had some hormonal acne and now my skin is very soft and pimple-free.

Stefanie also incorporated positive affirmations and manifestations into our plan which I do every day. I feel like it really helps and I have changed my language and mindset so much due to this.
I am absolutely in a better place now, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

I would highly recommend Stefanie if you suffer with infertility, gut health problems, period issues, hormone issues, etc as she specializes in all of this and is an expert at what she does. She will be there for you every step of the way. In just 4 months my life has changed for the better because of Stefanie and I’m so glad our paths crossed! She is the most caring, compassionate, and sweetest person, she has such amazing positive vibes about her, I can’t say enough good things!! If you are having any of the above issues talk with Stefanie she is the best!! Best of luck on your journey whatever it may be <3."

"I have had the absolute PLEASURE of working with Stephanie through her 4 month one-on-one consulting program. Before working with her, I was uncomfortable in my body due to bloating, frequent bowel movements, etc. She helped me recognize my food allergies/sensitivities and after our 4 months I finally am comfortable in my body! Since our work together, I have also gone off of some of my medications and feel better than when I was on them.

I could not recommend Stefanie more if you are looking for someone to help you get healthier and STAY healthy. She is kind-hearted, knowledgeable, passionate, and approachable."

"I started to see Stefanie about a year after I stopped birth control - which I was on for almost 10 years. I hadn’t had my period in over 5 months, had a PCOS diagnosis and my acne was out of control. After working with Stefanie for 4 months I had 3 natural cycles and almost all of the acne on my chest and back cleared up.

I now live a much healthier life and am super focused on the foods and supplements I am putting into my body. I attribute this self-care to all Stefanie taught me. If you are on the fence about doing a program with her - I highly advise you to incorporate her into your life! She really knows what she’s talking about and will help and care about your hormonal issues much more than a typical gynecologist. Thanks Stefanie!"

"Stefanie was an absolute pleasure to work with! She listened to all my health concerns and goals and helped me come up with a plan to eat better, live better, and overall take better care of myself. She takes a really gradual approach that slowly and in a manageable way, shifted my lifestyle. I’m doing things in a totally different way than I ever thought I could! We focused on gut health and healing, and hormone balancing as the foundation to overall health. In the short time I worked with her, I totally changed my diet, learned how to cook, and felt better than ever. Stefanie is empathic, caring, and overall a lovely human. I have and will continue to recommend working with her to my friends."

“I highly recommend working with Stefanie in any capacity - I cannot stress enough how much working with Stef changed my life for the better. I worked with Stefanie 1:1 and she held space for me as I worked through the way I think about nutrition, my body, and overall balance in my life. I thought I was supporting my body but our world is so tricky in the way we have food and live our lives in the age of technology! The knowledge, support, and real life solutions and changes Stef helped me put in place have been invaluable to my life. I would work with her again 100x with no regrets.”



“Stefanie's energy is bright enough to light an entire stadium. She came to each of our calls ready to take on the world and carve out the path needed for me to find and understand my true self. She identified my areas for growth in an empathetic way and pushed me forward with kindness when i needed it most. She encouraged me to give things a try even if it wasn't exactly what I imagined and celebrated my wins when i was unable to see them clearly.”


“Throughout my entire life i have been on medication and the most liberating shift I was able to make through my work with Stefanie was slowly knocking away each selective mediation (especially birth control) until I was taking only the recommended supplements and vitamins - it still brings tears to my eyes being able to say that i'm not currently on anything prescription. Stefanie also empowered me to see my food choices and meal prep as self-care and an awesome time to focus inward - this is something I will never forget and a top priority to continue implementing in daily life.


“Before working with Stefanie I saw medication as my simple solve to life's problems and after my time spent with Stefanie i now realize its the food im putting into my body that's the true medicine. There is not a day that I do not remember something we discussed or that she taught me - Stefanie seamlessly and necessarily inserted herself in all aspects of my life (even if she did not realize it). I'm mindful of my products, food, and overall daily choices. My work with Stefanie radically shifted my life for the better and I am forever grateful.

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